Brewed For Her Ledger, LLC

Accounting, Finance, Operations Strategy For The Beer Industry.

Hel​ping You Understand The Numbers Behind The Beer.

Office Location

I travel anywhere from my mobile office in Asheville, NC.

We've worked with 300+ craft beverage entities over the past decade, and now we bring that specialized focus to YOU.

Seeking C-suite help in accounting, finance, information systems, or operational strategy without the financial burden of a C-suite salary?

Are you a brewery or brewpub in planning needing assistance in creating or vetting your business plan? How about designing and creating your custom-tailored financial management system?

We will help create your pro forma and connect you to financing options. Almost 60% of the loans utilizing our methodology for pro forma creation close in 8 weeks or less from application date.

We design your chart of accounts with your long-term strategy and goals in mind. Using a chart from a box won't provide you the reporting you will need to build your long-term growth trajectory.

Too many existing breweries have no idea how much one run of their beer even costs. We want to ensure you don't fall into that trap by establishing systems and processes. 

We conduct periodic operational audits utilizing our public accounting and Six Sigma DMEDI experience to ensure you're operating both efficiently and effectively. Our priority is ensuring your position for future growth and financial success.

Audra's work has been praised by the TTB since her initial talk at the Brewers Association's Craft Brewers Conference in 2011 (San Francisco).